Welcome to the Hardplatz!

Step into our world and savour delectable regional and seasonal dishes.

We only source fresh ingredients from producers we know and trust. Their products form the cornerstone of our craft – and of your enjoyment.

We have a passion for precision in all that we do. And a keen eye for detail – in every movement and in every slice. From selecting ingredients to presenting dishes, our focus is on care, passion and attentiveness.



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There are 2 parking spaces in front of the restaurant.


The best of everything

Food and drinks

Flavour is unmistakable. That's why we believe in the value of excellent ingredients – and in starting with something good to make the best out of it.

Hence we serve classic dishes made from hand-picked ingredients, prepared with immense skill and the deftness of French cuisine. You're in for a treat: discover our seasonal and regional creations.

We offer evening à la carte dining and gourmet selections. 



Indulge and enjoy


The creations of Chef Ralf Thomas and his team are a delight for all the senses. Stylishly prepared, creatively combined and masterfully prepared, each plate is unique. The dishes from the kitchen of the Hardplatz restaurant inspire and fascinate beyond the plate.


Restaurant Hardplatz

Final spurt in the new restaurant. We have lent a hand ourselves so that we can soon indulge you in our new restaurant on Hardplatz!

Take a seat and let our creations weave their magic on you. We're inspired by the seasons, the ingredients and new ideas – while remaining true to our values.

Together with our team, we stand for upscale gastronomy in the French style. We cultivate our craft with passion, wield a finely honed blade and are masters of the creative use of aromas and textures. In partnership with our staff, we create culinary moments to be remembered. We appreciate your visit and look forward to welcoming you!

Marie Weber with Team


Take a seat!


We look forward to your visit to the Hardplatz Zürich. Please reserve your table using the online form. Would you like to make someone happy? Our gift vouchers are available in the restaurant or can be ordered by telephone. We are delighted to welcome you to our restaurant.


Table Reservations